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NYC based stylist/nerd

Celine has been styling for photo-shoots, commercials, and music videos in New York City since 2002 .

She is both a still-life stylist and an on-figure fashion stylist. Both require a knowledge of fashion and an eye for design, and both benefit from her keen organizational skills. Celine likes to keep up with fashion week each season to educate herself on the trends and new designers. In the still-life world, she is a crafty perfectionist; an engineer of accessories.  With an eye for precision and beauty, and a mind for making it happen (and fast!), she understands the relationship between the object on set and the view of the camera lens. 

On the job, Celine not only brings her creative prowess, but also runs a tight ship. With 17 years of experience under her belt, she knows how to be resourceful, and deliver great creative options to please everyone, all while remaining in budget.  On set, she has a watchful eye for details, making sure that each take or shot is perfect, and strategizes the most efficient plan for the day, hitting the desired shot count by the end of the shoot.  



BOOK DIRECT                        917 861 9284